Saturday, September 8, 2012

Access Social Networking Sites For Free-Facebook,Twitter

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Today I am going to give you information on two cool mobile apps using
which you can do something unimaginable. We know that all of us like
to spend some part of our time in social networking like twitter,
facebook or google something up. But given the high data costs and the
dearth of tricks in many networks we often are forced to limit our
adventures. However today I give you two options to access free social
networking. Well not free but its as good as free. Most of us have one or the other sms plans loaded on our mobiles. Imagine using those packs to communicate in orkut or facebook. That's just the idea behind this venture. Somebody has truly said that an idea can change your life...


For using sms tweet first you have to register your mobile phone
number with the website. After successful registration it will connect
your twitter account with their server. You can start posting your
tweets by sending the message as formatted below to the number+919243000111 TWT (space) content of the tweet #

Shorthand browser is an all-in- one mobile application which gives
you unlimited access to facebook, google etc on your phone without
gprs costs(only messaging costs) . This app may make you think they
use data but by good fortune they do not. All web sites like facebook,
google are bundled within one fabulous mobile application. Shorthand.
Using shorthand you can access the following websites.

Google - maps, cricket, horoscope, news ...
Wikipedia and I suppose some more.. This is available for free download at getjar, mobile 9 and reliance app store. As of now its also spotted on the indiatimes website for
free download.




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