Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How To Complete Fileice Surveys | The Easy Way


If you are unable to unlock the survey even after many attempts then do the following. We’ve received many emails from users regarding issues related to completing surveys. We have taken the time to write this short guide that we feel will aid most of the basic questions.

                                           For SnapDeal Surveys

Most Of You All Will Get SnapDeal survey . Its Very Easy To Complete It . First Thing Is to Uninstall IDM or any Download manager from ur PC.Then Proceed To Any Survey . In The First Page Write Ur Email Address and Select Your City Or Any City ( it dosent really matters ) . Now Click On Subscribe , Then On Next Page Write Ur Mobile No. And Then U Will Get A Code Messeged To Ur Mobile , Enter That Code And Click Verify . Wooa .. Ur File Will Be Ready to Be Downloaded.

                                                  For All Other Surveys

1) If you already have used your old email address then create an alternate email account at http://www.gmail.com (or other sites) and write down the login information somewhere. Some surveys need an email confirmation to get completed.

2) We recommend to Use Internet Mozilla Firefox to complete a survey., make sure the ‘javascript’ and ‘cookies’ are on in your browser, Also the browser which you are using to unlock the survey should be your “Default browser”, if it’s not then make it your default browser.

3)  Clear the Cache and Cookies of your Browser and always clear browser’s cache and cookies before you proceed to complete a survey, it helps browser to get opened freshly for a particular survey.

4)  As possible as use Real Info. (don’t worry they keep your privacy).

5) If the survey is related to “Download” don’t use any download manager, let the browser download itself, if it asks email, use the email you created in above step and open your mailbox in another tab and if you get any confirmation link, click on it, if you don’t get it, don’t worry, the type of download survey may not required any verification, after completing of the download, install the downloaded thingy, if it asks to restart the browser, do it.

6) If the survey is related to “Form filling”, then make sure you using valid email which you have created in above step or your own old email address, while doing the survey you might get a “verification” or “confirmation” link at your email address, make sure your mailbox is open in new tab, and then click on “confirmation” link which you have received at your email address, if you don’t get it, don’t worry, the type of form filling survey may not required any verification and make sure you don’t leave the page until it says it’s unlocked. If still it is locked then try to navigate on the site of which you just completed the survey. That’s all, if you need more help, don’t forget to contact us.


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  2. but i give my mobile no. & click on suscribe but my file not downloaded